A Pill Bug's Life

Once upon a time, there was a pill bug named Phil.

Oh! Hi! I'm Phil the pill bug!

One day, Phil hears something approaching.

As the reality sets in that he is not the pill bug that he once believed himself to be, Phil's identity dissolves into a miasma of intense depersonalization.

Awakening from a fugue state, Phil begins to search desperately for some person or place upon which to anchor his identity.
He looks left...

....And he looks right.

Phil starts to give in to his feelings of unreality.

Just when all hope seems lost, a beautiful princess appears!

The princess notices a colorful pill resting at her feet.

Already looking forward to the festive ball that she will be attending that evening, the princess decides to ingest the colorful pill which she holds.

The princess has a great time at the ball.